You can think it is easy to buy a blender. But at the time of buying it you will be confused which one is good to buy. A conventional blender is suitable for many raw food recipes. There are many different blenders which are easy to use. But when we buy we can’t understand it. In order to buy the best blender you have to know the ins and out of the blender. You have to buy a blender which has more capabilities than any other blender.

1. Types of Blender

There are basically two types of blenders the jug counter blender and the stick model blender.  The jug counter blender is the most common and is widely used. The stick model is sometimes called a hand blender. You have to make decision which is preferable for you. Sometimes many families keep both the two types of blenders to work very firstly. When you buy a jug blender, you will have to take decision about the other features, such as how much recipe will contain, speed of making the juice.

  • Stand Blenders: These are the most common style of blenders that have a separate design from the jug blenders. This type of blender comes in close personal size for small batches or in the more shared 48 oz volume. You can find some differences in their sizes such as smoothies, puddings, dressings, frozen drinks etc. Pros are mainly used for making smoothies and cons are commonly used for blending hot foods. Crops are more expensive than stick blenders.
  • Stick or Immersion or Hand Blenders: The popular blender is hand blender and very often these are For hand-held operation stick blenders are used, and these are very handy for blending small lots right in a bowl. These blenders take bumps out of the gravy by mixing in the warm roaster. Sometimes hand blenders come with slicing decorations which raises their function for example a convenient food prep tool. The props of the blending is accurate in the bowl, portability, cordless models offer lots of convenience, easier to store etc. The cons of the stands have partial purpose and need care of washing.
  • Single-serve blenders: The price of these blenders is cheap in comparison to other blender. These are suitable for all types of kitchen. These blenders are preferred by you as these are assorted beverages mostly for iced, tasty smoothie. You will be able to produce individual smoothies for everyone in the family and provide them the option to take them to work. These have about 8-ounce slicing cup, 32-ounce mixture jar, 16-ounce portable mugs.
  • Full-size blenders: These types of blender serve you all types of features which you need. These have a very good price according to one own choice. These are very adjustable with your lifestyle. One must consider these types o
  • Frozen drink makers: These are perfect for making margaritas, slush drinks, smoothies and more every time. The two ice chip choices permit you to select a good ice texture. The serving scopes specified correct on the jug or several servings is cool. It is easy to produce delicious drinks by this blender. You can enjoy these drinks with your whole family with great joy.
  • Multifunction blender: These blenders are very powerful with ice crushing. About 700 watt peak power is used to blend 8000 frozen drinks. It has about 12 blending functions to mix crush ice, puree and more than 4 simple buttons. It has cord storage back 3 years warranty.


2. Brands And Price Of Blenders

  • Preferred Hand Blender
Cuisinart Smart Stick

The price of this immersion blender is accurate. It is right for you when you are in a travel.

Props: Your smoothie can be blended at the perfect time of your mason pot. You have to confirm to add the elements in points. It is very incredible to choose a great array color.

Cons: This type of blender has about 200 watts of power. It is ready to blend instantly by using frozen ice.

Kitchen Aid 5 speed Hand Blender

This blender has some difference than any other blender. This blender is suitable for a person who is traveling in a long distance.

Props: It can be packed in your suitcase or any container can be used like a pitcher. It has quiet motor and several blades and also easy to clean.

Cons: The main limitation of blender a bit untidy, low control and proceeds more time to blend.

Preferred stand blender

Kitchen Aid Artisan Blender

Kitchen aid has a appreciated term, and remains that deference with their artisan blender. It is amusing, popular and a compact machine.

Props: This blender has a large number of color possibilities and garbed power. The power is about 700 watts, easy clean-up and has a large pitcher.

Cons: Specific cons have described slight dripping issues.

Oster Counter forms 7- Speed Blender–$60

These blenders are cheap and fleecy stainless blender has two purposes.

Props: Though the price is low, it serves the best good quality, attired life-span, and big jug (about 48 oz).

Cons: The power of this blender is low and it is about 600 watts. This is   hard to clean with small vile.

4. Cup Capacity

Most of the blender’s variety in scope from 4 cups to 7 cups. I shall propose you to buy toward the larger size of blenders so that you have not to concern about the blend swarming the vessel. You will discovery the big size particularly cooperative when you are crushing huge amounts of soups.


5. Mixer Power

You will find three pre-programmed buttons in a high speed blender. These are On/Off switch, a control knob, high Speed switch. When variable speed is selected, a control knob help you ramp up the power from a slow stir to full power. Soap and water are used for cleaning a high speed blender that is easy to use. A lot of technologies are used in the high speed blender.  Modern blend cycles are used here that are microprocessor controlled and are designed exactly for the type of recipe. Ice cream can also be produced by pushing the ice cream button.


6. Features

A blender contains many good features that helps it to become popular to all the customers. These good qualities are given below:   

  • Power (measured in wattage): A high speed blender can also be called a high power blender. The performance of it depends on how first the blades can spin. We can measure the amount of work by the movement of the blades. The power of the blades is measure By the name we can understand that it would be helpful taking to a high power blender. It has about 1,000 to 1,560 watts of power in comparison to a few common appliances and their average wattage. The blenders which have about 300-watts of power help to blend and chop most food substances systematically. If the range of power of the blender is between 500 to 600 watts, is very helpful to blend the smoothies. If the power is about 700 watts, is very useful to chop items into tiny particles. A high power blender helps to chop coffee beans into satisfactory surroundings. This power will help to stop the need for a coffee chopper. High power is supplied by high wattage.
  • Speeds: Blender has good speeds to produce smoothies. It takes 15 seconds to blend something. You may get blenders of different speeds like slow, medium and fast speed blenders. These will vary according to your budgets.
  • Cleaning: Blenders are very easy to use and these are very helpful in our day to day life. The blender takes less time to produce tasty juice but it takes less time. It is very easy to clean the blender. Only few seconds takes to clean the blender. Thus blenders give us great opportunity to keep us healthy by drinking good juice.
  • Construction: You must keep keen attention for a smooth design and you may want to leave the blender on the counter. When you supply it in a cupboard and pull it out on occurrence, you don’t wage up on behalf of a space age looking project. You must pay keen attention for adding good structures alike to eliminate the blades for cleaning. You will have an additional wide motor base to deliver constancy and initial for adding elements.
  • Aesthetics and materials: The glass and stainless steel are the main objects to notice when you buy a blender. The glass can be seen beautiful by you and it works with and with stainless steel. You don’t have to concern about fracture. I prefer glass so I can keep an eye on things. Plastic is ok and will be lighter than glass but after a whereas the plastic can destroy and cuts.

7. Objectives and Budgets


Current blender producers rise their client’s venture in their uses. For the producers are engaged to add extra portions and fixtures to their usage line. Sometimes customers can increase the permanence of their trick by enhancing the blender that will permit consumers to add parts according to their needs.

Very often customers will catch additional shares for their blender’s container. At the time of buying a blender with a glass container, the container may disruption. Furthermore, the employment’s closures may activate to dress out and blender’s blades can become dull.
Cooking specialists will gain adding accessories like greater volume vessels which come unarmed with a calculating trick. It is a special planned blade for blending a smoothie’s equipment. With the smoothie package, Customers will have the suitability of mixing their luxury in a slighter container which they can take.


8. Conclusion

Blender Buying Guide:An excellence blender is very helpful for birthdays, weddings and holidays as the  application.  It is long lasting and a suitable kitchen decoration. Blenders have become a kitchen principal which cooks use repeatedly to produce lovely milkshakes, smoothies and soups. The purpose deals fitness, adds to a homeowner’s kitchen project and is easy to clean. We should be aware for buying a blender.

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